Hosea 4:6 (God talking)  “My people are destroyed because they have no knowledge.” (ERV Bible =Easy-to-Read Version of the Bible)

So, let’s reinforce from our previous teachings the knowledge of God’s Word needed to get well and stay well! 

First thing you need to know =  1.  Is it God’s will to heal you?

Matthew 8:2  “Then a man sick with leprosy came to him. The man bowed down before Jesus and said, “Lord, you have the power to heal me if you want.” Jesus touched the man. He said, “I want to heal you.”  (ERV)

Matthew 8:5  “ Jesus went to the city of Capernaum. When he entered the city, an army officer came to him and begged for help. The officer said, “Lord, my servant is very sick at home in bed. He can’t move his body and has much pain.” Jesus said to the officer, “I will go and heal him.” (ERV)

Matthew 8:14   “Jesus went to Peter’s house. He saw that Peter’s mother-in-law was in bed with a high fever. He touched her hand, and the fever left her. Then she stood up and began to serve him. That evening people brought to Jesus many people who had demons inside them. He spoke and the demons left the people. He healed all those who were sick. So Jesus made clear the full meaning of what Isaiah the prophet said:
He took away our diseases
   and carried away our sicknesses.” (ERV)

We have illustration after illustration throughout the 4 Gospels of Jesus'' willingness to heal the sick. Here we have 4 accounts from just one chapter of the Book of Matthew confirming this truth!  So, the answer to our question is?  Yes, God’s will is always healing. He wants to heal you from anything and everything NOW!

Second thing you need to know = 2. Will sin keep me from receiving my healing?

Romans 3:10 “As the Scriptures say, “There is no one doing what is right,
   not even one… 23 All have sinned..”   (ERV)
YET we have this statement from scripture:
Acts 10:38  “..Jesus went everywhere doing good for people. He healed those who were ruled by the devil (other translations read: harassed and oppressed by the devil), showing that God was with him.”  (ERV)

If sin was going to stop any one from being healed, no one would receive!

Psalm 103:3  “He forgives all our sins and heals all our sicknesses.” (ERV)

Luke 5:18   “There was a man who was paralyzed, and some other men were carrying him on a mat. They tried to bring him and put him down before Jesus. 19 But there were so many people that they could not find a way to Jesus. So they went up on the roof and lowered the crippled man down through a hole in the ceiling. They lowered the mat into the room so that the crippled man was lying before Jesus. 20 Jesus saw how much faith they had and said to the sick man, “Friend, your sins are forgiven”…. So Jesus said to the paralyzed man, “I tell you, stand up! Take your mat and go home! 25 The man immediately stood up in front of everyone. He picked up his mat and walked home, praising God. (ERV)

So, will sin keep you from being healed?  Answer: No!  God’s forgiveness is available to all who will receive it! 

Third thing you need to know = 3. God is not the one making you sick.  He is the Great Physician!

John 10:10  (Jesus speaking) “A thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But I came to give life—life that is full and good.”  (ERV)

Here Jesus names the culprit:

Luke 13:16  “This woman that I healed is a true descendant of Abraham.  But Satan has held her for 18 years (other translations of this verse read=oppressed by Satan for 18 years).  Surely it is not wrong for her to be made free from her sickness on a Sabbath day!” (ERV)

So, is God the Giver of Life or the taker of it?

Here is the heart of God = 
Psalm 91:16  “I will give my followers a long life (the amplification of the original Hebrew words read- “With long life will I satisfy them.”)  (ERV & AMP)

There is nothing at all satisfying about living life underneath the curse of a sickness or disease.

Fourth thing you need to know = 4.  Why is my sin not a problem to God?  On what grounds does a just and holy God have the right to heal a fallen race of people?  How is it that He can overlook our sins?

Answer:  because of a "substitutionary sacrifice"

In the Old Testament “the Atonement” was accepted by God.  His people were completely free from their sins for a one year period!  Each year, again, blood was shed, sacrifices were made, sins were covered = but not eradicated or eliminated.  (Hebrews Chapters 8, 9 & 10)

It took the body and blood of Jesus to do that!

John 1:29 “Then John (the Baptist) saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God. He takes away the sins of the world!” (ERV)

Galatians 3:13  “The law says we are under a curse for not always obeying it. But Christ took away that curse. He changed places with us and put himself under that curse.” (ERV)

Another translation:
Galatians 3:13 "Christ bought us with His blood and made us free from the Law. In that way, the Law could not punish us. Christ did this by carrying the load and by being punished instead of us." (NLV)

It is called  "The Great Exchange"  where Jesus (God in human flesh) identified with sinful man and paid in full the debt that we owed.
In this transaction, we became all that He was/is....righteous (a child of God in right standing with the Father; as though we had never sinned).

2 Corinthians 5:21 "For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ."  (NLT)

NO SIN MEANS WHAT?   NO PUNISHMENT!   Which is why the Word of God says: 

1 Peter 2:24 "Christ carried our sins in his body on the cross. He did this so that we would stop living for sin and live for what is right. By his wounds you were healed."

When?   Answer: When the price was paid. 
You have only to receive that Truth and "Be Healed"! 

                               Next Message:  What I need to do to be healed!


Truths You Need
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    "Be Healed"