A recent experience involving a family pet and my
3 1/2 year old grandson has taught me the value of having child like faith.  My husband was given a cat from a friend, when our youngest daughter went away to college, to help ease his empty nest syndrome.  This cat has had several bouts with kidney stones requiring lenthy stays at the vet.   So when "Snickers" started to vomit everything he ate we became concerned.
    My grandson was visiting that first night and wanted to know where the cat was.  I explained that the cat wasn't feeling well.  "That's okay Grandma, God will heal your cat."  The cat continued to vomit but ventured out of the bedroom a few days later, when my grandson visited us again.  This time, his statement to me was, "See Grandma, I told you God would heal your cat!"
    By the fifth day my husband decided to bring the cat to the vet.  He called me while I was babysitting to give me the results.  The cat weighed exactly the same as it's last visit and was not dehydrated.  The vet could find nothing wrong with Snickers. 
    My grandson wanted to know why we had brought the cat to the vet when God had already made it better?  My only reply was that I didn't know!  Some times grown-ups have to have child-like faith.   Snickers stopped vomiting after that. 
by Joanne M.