Change can be a scarey thing but Jesus tells us to    "Fear not only believe!"  (Mark 5:36)...........

I had been a floor nurse for 32 years at the same hospital.  My salary had become quite comfortable and my health benefits were more than fair.  Unfortunately, the stress was taking it's toll on me physically and emotionally.  I was due to return to work from my 5th foot surgery, but I dreaded the thought.  I decided to listen to a tape by Joyce Meyer entitled "Never Give Up," hoping that this would pump me up.  After listening to only 10 minutes of the tape I had a strong feeling deep inside my spirit that I should quit my job!  But how could I do that?  I was 53 years old and knew nothing but nursing.  I needed the money and security that my job provided.
I won't say the decision came easy.  I had a few sleepless nights and spent a lot of time talking to God, as well as my family and friends.  That same weekend a friend brought to my attention an ad in the newspaper for a local Daycare for the Elderly.  It required a resume, again I thought, "what do I have to offer?"  With the help of my daughter, I composed a resume and found myself with the position in a matter of days.  But now I was faced with a big cut in pay and what about the Health Insurance?
Somehow God worked it all out.  All I had to do was put my trust in Him.  My husband took over the health benefits at a higher rate.  I was making far less money but was happier than I had been in years.  I had to think a little before spending but I can honestly say that I wasn't deprived of anything. As I learned to trust God, things just got better and better.  A new Director was hired at the Center who supported me 100%.  It did wonders for my self- esteem.  Since then my hours have doubled and my role has expanded.  My feelings of being trapped have changed to those of being free.  And, "when the Son of God sets you free, you are free indeed" (John 8:36).
                                           Joanne M.