Getting to Know Jesus

Do you know who Jesus is?  You might know that He is God's son who died for us many years ago, but, do you REALLY KNOW Jesus?

Do you know that Jesus wants to be your friend? He doesn't want to be Someone that you just learn about. He wants to be Someone who is part of your everyday life. Before He can really be part of your life, you need to know what kind of God He is.  He loves you, cares for you, forgives you, watches out for you, heals you and helps you. We can find out everything that Jesus wants to do for us and all that He wants us to do in the Bible. The Bible is the way that we get to know Him.

Here is one sentence from the Bible:

    "Let the children come to me and do not stop them, for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to them."

These are words that Jesus said Himself and He was talking about you when He said it - each and every one of you who is reading this right now.  He is always listening and can help you with anything.  But, if He is going to help you, you have to do what the Bible says - you have to come to Him and believe in Him.

Say this now - He is listening to you:

    Jesus, I am coming to you.  I want to know you better.  I believe in you. Forgive me for the times that I haven't listened to you.  Thank you for hearing me now. Show me how much You love me.

Now start talking to Jesus anytime you want to about anything.  Start reading about what kind of God He is in the Bible. When you get good ideas and thoughts that pop into your head, that is Him talking back to you!