Welcome to Healing School
Healing is as easy to receive from God as the New Birth was and is.  Acquiring salvation for your spirit and salvation for your physical body work exactly the same way!  You didn’t have to beg God to accept you into His family.  He welcomed you with opened arms!  He didn’t even care what kind of a mess you were at the time!  He quickly and joyously responded to your heart cry for Him. If He didn’t withhold His greatest gift from you then why would you think His other provisions would be difficult to tap into?

This is His promise to you today:  “All that is Mine is yours My child by way of inheritance!”  Salvation for your spirit and salvation for your physical body are available to all who will believe and receive them.  Isn’t that how an inheritance works?  Another does the earning and the beneficiary reaps the fruit of their labor, right?  You are God’s beneficiary!  All that you’ve been seeking from His hand has already been deposited into your account through the death of “The Son of God.”  The New Testament is the Last Will and Testament of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  So many people are waiting for God to get around to healing them, truth be known, God is waiting for you and I to walk in the privileges that have been offered to us all of our lives.

If healing is so easy to access then why don’t more Christians walk in it you ask?  It’s quite simple really, it’s like anything else - either they don’t know how to get it to manifest in their lives because they haven’t been properly taught or it’s just not something they think they can partake of for whatever reason.  After all, isn’t sickness and disease a part of our world?   Yes, but didn’t Jesus say before He left here:  “You are in this world right now but you don’t need to be partakers of all of it?  I have overcome the world and deprived it of power to harm you.  I have conquered it for you!”  I’m all for that, how about you?
Sickness and disease are not "the teacher" of the Church of Jesus Christ – the Holy Spirit is! Sickness and disease does not add to your life; it deletes from it!   It is not a blessing but a curse!  Hasn’t Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law already?   Sickness and disease is a form of bondage.  Jesus said He came to set us free! 

In the following teachings, I will prove to you from the scriptures, that it is indeed God’s will for His man and His woman to be well.  He brought us forth to bless us and that desire has NEVER CHANGED because He never changes. Step by step I will reveal to you how to not give sickness and disease access to your life.  Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying you won’t have opportunities to be sick, but, you will learn how to pass those opportunities on by - God’s way.  Man will not live by bread (natural food) alone, says God, but we WILL LIVE HEALTHY NOT JUST EXIST by every Word that proceeds from His very mouth – The Bible!  Take time to chew on the revelations that you are about to hear, then swallow them!  Know for a certainty that these words are not mere men's words but they come from the very breath of our Creator.  Let their nourishment become a part of your very existence.  Healing will be the result!  God Bless you! 

Now Let's Get Healed