I had been praying, reading the Bible, and a book on Supernatural Childbirth to prepare for this delivery.   I knew that God promised to never leave or forsake me so I knew that He would be there for me the entire time. 
      I encountered quite a few unexpected obstacles when it was time to have my baby.  When I look back I know that they all stemmed from my battle with high blood pressure.   I allowed my blood pressure to get high again.  I used to have trouble with this before I got pregnant and with all of the negative talk from the doctors and nurses I was convinced that I had it again.  I was so focused on God helping through this delivery, but, I became nervous about the high blood pressure.  When you are in fear, you are not in faith.  This makes it impossible for God to do anything.  I am telling you this just to point out where the obstacles that I encountered came from.   God did not allow them to happen to me, I allowed them to happen to myself.  Even still, God was right there helping me through every problem miraculously! 
       At 37 weeks pregnant the doctor put me into the hospital to induce my labor.  I wanted to have this baby on my own.  So once at the hospital the doctor came in to put something into my cervix to help me dialate, but, much to his surprise I was already dilating and having contractions on my own!   Did I mention that I didn't even feel these high peak contractions?   God had started the ball rolling without the doctor's help!   But then in crept the high blood pressure issue again.  Because it was high the doctor put me on an IV.  The medication stopped my contractions.  I had to stay attached to an IV, blood pressure cuff, and fetal heart monitor all night long.   I WAS UNABLE TO SLEEP!   The next morning the doctor broke my water (which was not painful or uncomfortable in any way) and put me on Pitosin to start up my contractions again.  I only felt the contractions at the VERY END.   It was strong back labor because the baby was face up instead of face down.  I was a mess mentally from all of the gadgets I was hooked up to and from the lack of sleep the night before.  I know that this is the only reason that I started to feel any pain.  I was not able to focus on my scriptures like I would have liked to.   All I had the strength to do was pray that God turn this situation around somehow.  He promises in His Word that He will turn EVERY situation around for good.
       That is exactly what He did.  I only had the back labor for about l0 minutes when the doctor strongly suggested that I get an epidural.  Once the epidural was in place I became fully dilated and was ready to push!  This is very unusual because the epidural usually slows down contractions and lengthens labor plus labor for a first child is supposed to last l5 hours.  I had only been in labor for about an hour so far.  When I started to push, I was very relaxed.  It only took 45 minutes.  The midwife said that pushing out a baby in that position (face up) usually takes 2 or 3 hours but not mine!  She also said that she was very shocked that I did not tear while delivering because my perenium was so small.  She said that I was very lucky but that was no luck, I had God in charge!  That afternoon I had a beautiful, perfect, healthy baby boy.
       I never had any side effects from the epidural and I didn't feel any pain after the birth.  In fact, the nurses kept trying to feed me Vicodin for the pain that I was supposed to have, but, I had to keep refusing it because I felt so good!
       God turned EVERYTHING around for me.  I knew that I could trust Him.  Even when things started to look bad, I knew that He was there!  He was in control and I believed that He would never let anything happen to me or my baby.  What God has done for me, He will do for ANYONE!    Acts l0:34 says that,  "He is no respecter of persons," He loves everyone the same.    All that is needed is that you believe  what God says He will do for you.   He will give you the strength you need for every situation.  I give God all the praise and glory for what He did for me during my entire pregnancy and during my delivery. 
       Don't ever be afraid to ask God for help.  He wants to be there for you and there is NOTHING that He can't handle!


at 6 months

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