Obey-  to listen to someone and do what they say
You know that it is important to listen to your parents.  You know that it is important to listen to your teacher.
Did you know that you have to listen to (obey) God?
Did you know that it is very dangerous not to listen to Him?

Let's think about Noah and the ark.  Who was Noah listening to when he built the ark?  God!  What happened to all of the other people who were not lisening to God?  They were not safe from the flood and they died.  What do you think would have happened to Noah if he had chosen not to listen to God too?  He would have died also!

So , how do we listen to God?  Well, since Jesus is
the Word of God, we should listen to what is written in the Bible.  We should do what God tells us in His Word.  He will also let you know when you shouldn't be doing something because it won't feel right.  He will talk to you "inside your spirit" when you take the time to listen.  You can even ask Him if you are unsure if something is right or not. 

Remember how important it is to listen to God - this is how He can keep you safe from all harm!