of    Cancer!
The Lord healed me of a highly invasive melanoma. When I first heard the diagnosis, I was filled with shock, fear and disbelief. Somehow, you never think that cancer will happen to you. But I was determined from the beginning that this time I was going to do things right!
I have been a Born Again Christian since the Fall of 2000. God has worked with me to change my thinking, and honestly he's still not done with me yet. I have had many obstacles to overcome. I have been a nurse for 39 years and because of it my head is full of  all kinds of preconceived medical notions. To add to this, 5 years ago, I had a below the knee amputation. I was still dealing with the failure of not receiving my healing back then when this situation occured. This time, I was determined, I would stay connected to the Word. I would seek Medical treatment with the belief that they were being guided by the Lord. I would stay positive, and look away from all that distracts to my Jesus!
Immediately, my Pastor and Associate Pastor went into action. The first thing they did was lay hands on me before I was seen by any specialists. I believed that I received my healing at that moment. I pictured the cancer cells drying up at the root. "Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be uprooted. Matthew 15:13. I was also given 2 invaluable books to read. The first was called "Healed of Cancer" written by Dodie Osteen. I recommend this book to anyone who ever hears the word "cancer"  in their life. The second was an unpublished book with healing scriptures written by my Associate Pastor. I encourage her to continue her work so that it can be published. 
Keeping in faith was easier for me by using pictures. A few weeks before, my Pastor had used an IPOD and earphones illustration during one of her teachings. She explained that first you have to be connected to God's Word, (The earphones must be connected to the IPOD but then you have to turn it on to hear what is being said). God's Word has to mean something to you. You have to believe that you receive the moment you ask Him for help. You have to take the Word and keep it deep within your heart like a treasure. There were many other images that helped keep me focused. It is very easy to go off track when you are being bombarded with so many negative things.
 I was given a picture of a serpent that was all tied up in knots with the statement, "Sorry I'm all tied up at the moment". I planned to keep him that way!  As I went about my day to day routine, I found 2 things that I didn't remember I had. One was a Love Letter from Father God that had been sent to me by a famous minister. It spoke to my heart, and I would read it every day to remind me just how much God loved me. I knew that Jesus could heal, but I had to believe that I was worthy of that healing. After years of teachings that Jesus died for us so that we could be free from all our sins, it FINALLY sunk in that I was indeed worthy of His love! Not by my works, but by what He did for me on the cross. Next, I found a pin with a tiny mustard seed in it with a scripture attached. I hadn't seen this pin in years. I pinned it to my purse to have yet another image that would keep me strong. All I had to do was have faith as small as that mustard seed and I could move mountains.
The weeks passed with multiple Doctors appointments, procedures and a lengthy surgery. During this time I realized that you don't have to say a scripture over and over again to make sure that God has heard you. If you are "plugged in and turned on " you have already received what you believe in your heart, when you confessed it the first time. I then started to focus more on scriptures that brought me comfort.
I feel that the last piece of the puzzle fell into place as I was waiting for the lymph node biopsies to come in. I decided to clean out some storage space that we had upstairs. Cleaning and purging somehow always make me feel better. I came across family pictures of my dad when he was growing up and a commendation for bravery that he had received in World War ll. The time I spent reflecting back helped me to let go of some old hurts and to forgive my father for his issues with alcohol.
When the lymph node biopsies came in they were NEGATIVE. This whole ordeal had taken only 6 weeks. I do know that I have to remain on God at all times. I have to continue being in the Word and to stay connected. As an added postscript, I received some unexpected money to help pay my escalating medical bills. God is so good!! He not only healed me from cancer but paid for my medical bills too! 

Psalm 55:18 "He hath delivered my soul in peace from the battle that was against me; for there were many with me".