On February 23rd of this year I was awakened suddenly from my bed.  Loosing my balance, I fell to the floor and sustained a concussion, along with multiple bruises on my forehead, face and arms. I had hit the cedar chest that was in front of me and then the cement floor.  Needless to say, I was more than dazzled and my husband took me to Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI.
Once there, they wanted me to remain overnight after taking a Cat scan.  I prayed and believed God for them to release me and let me go home.  I went home, but the bruising and discoloration was unbelievable.  Most people who saw me could not believe that I was allowed to go home, however, in my heart I knew that Jesus was with me and that I would be all right.  The following photos were taken within just a matter of a few weeks.   Praise God that He is always there in times of trouble to deliver us!

"1 Peter 2:24 ...by His stripes (wounds, bruises on the cross)
I were healed." 

This is my blessing from my Lord.................Lillian D. 
                                                                 East Providence, RI