Isaiah 53 in the Message Bible says this about Jesus on the cross...

    "It was our pains He carried, all the things wrong with us.  It was our sins that did that to Him.  He took the punishment and that made us WHOLE.  Through His bruises, we get healed!"

Did you know that while Jesus hung on that cross, He was dealing with everything that could ever possibly go wrong with you?    He went through all of it on the cross, so you wouldn't have to.  Have you ever been sick, hurt, scared, or lonely?  Well, you don't have to be!  Once we know that Jesus already went through all of that for us, we can relax and just believe that whatever problem we are facing can't stay around because Jesus already got rid of it for us! 

Draw or cut out a picture of a cross.  On the cross, write anything bad that has ever happened to you or you were ever afraid would happen.  Once that sickness or hurt is on the cross - keep it there!  You don't have it anymore!  It is now on the cross where Jesus already took care of it. 
My example is below.....
What Jesus bore already cannot stay on me!
It must go now!